The Administration Building and Main Entrance to the Careggi Hospital Centre plays a strategic role as both an urban junction as well as an architectural landmark for Careggi and the city of Florence. Situated in the northern part of the hospital grounds, the project becomes the ‘gateway’ to the whole of the hospital campus.


Completed in 2010.


The Administration Building offers services to the general public in addition to information, university and commercial facilities all located in one centralized structure open to the city, a fundamental need to offer a welcome reception to all users.
The pedestrian plaza, with its large covering held up by slim lined steel columns, and its hall, made entirely of glass, make up the heart of the complex. The top level of the hall is where the managerial, health-care and administrative offices are found, connected by two sky-bridges leading to the buildings housing the operating areas of the hospital and the university.


Lengthwise along the plaza, a mirror of water embellishes the square and seems to brush against the large openings which allow the natural light to reach down to the lower floor. A partially covered patio, accessed from within the hall or from the outside, leads to a pedestrian area dedicated to shops and other commercial activity such as restaurants, bars, news stand, pharmacy and an auditorium that seat 300.
This architecture has radically  changed the arrival into the hospital campus while becoming part of the city itself.