Ponte Nicheri



Built in the late ‘60s, the current hospital complex is located between the villages of Ponte a Ema and Antella, and offers about 330 beds.
The competition involved a general restoration and renovation of the existing Hospital, focusing on some urgent issues concerning: the construction of a new ER, a new Entrance, new public space and canteen for the staff, the reorganization of the Radiology Department, of the Orthopaedic clinics, Blood bank and testing Center, as well as the landscape of outdoor areas, including parking.


The goal of the project was to link each interventions in one single unity, favoring an architecture designed to create a civic place making open to users in a green environment. With this aim, the new entrance has generous spaces covered by an unifying overhang that shades the glazed fronts and protects an outer space where people can relax and socialize, while offering ideal environmental comfort.


Under Construction.